Overview Business Administration

The business administration program at NSC is guided by the belief that technology and innovation are the keys to success in today’s fast-changing business world. Our commitment to technology is reflected in what we study, but also how we teach. The study of technology keeps us on the leading edge of industry advances, and our use of technology in the classroom creates a progressive and engaging learning experience.

Our program also is defined by the flexibility to meet the evolving demands of the modern business world. From a look at how Facebook rewrites the rules of marketing to a study of corporate ethics through the lens of the “Great Recession,” our versatile program will keep students at the forefront of the debate.

Supporting these elements of our program is a superb liberal arts and sciences foundation that trains students in the critical thinking and communication skills needed to identify, define, and resolve practical problems, no matter where and when they may surface. Overall, this combination of business acumen and real-world adaptability helps ensure that students can meet the challenges of a dynamic global economy and craft a future of their own choosing.

Why Study Business Administration at NSC

No matter which degree you pursue, our emphasis on student success and unique learning opportunities will prepare you to stand out - be it as a local entrepreneur or an international business leader.

You will learn to be a strong business professional because our expert instructors combine superb teaching with real-world projects and experiences. Our curriculum merges critical thinking skills with practical knowledge to ensure that you graduate not only with a degree in hand, but with the confidence and ability to truly succeed in challenging business settings.


A degree in business administration from NSC will prepare you for a wide variety of careers options in areas such as finance, economics, human resources, marketing, advertising, operations and logistics.

Interesting Classes

  • Marketing Management
  • Information Systems
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Principles of Macroeconomics

Meet the Faculty

Dr. Wendi Benson grew up in southern Ohio where she received her B.A. in Psychology from Ohio University Chillicothe in 2008. She recently received her Ph.D. in Experimental (Industrial/Organizational) Psychology from Washington State University Vancouver upon defending her dissertation titled Workplace Psychological Aggression: Resolving the Battle of Competing Constructs. She has conducted many studies with her Undergraduate Research Assistants examining job, health, and psychological outcomes related to a wide variety of workplace stressors within several organizations in the Pacific Northwest. Wendi has a passion for teaching and mentoring students and has enjoyed teaching Industrial Psychology and Statistics as a graduate student instructor. Dr. Benson is thrilled to be joining NSC as an Assistant Professor of Business this Fall and is looking forward to contributing to the excellent educational experience of NSC students.

Richard Moore was introduced to economics at Claremont Men’s College in Claremont, California. His Ph.D. in economics is also from Claremont, at what was then the Claremont Graduate School. His academic work in business was completed at the largest branch of the University of California, Berkeley, where he earned his Masters of Business Administration.

Moore started his professional life as a teacher, but made a detour into college administration for almost 50 years (way too long he says). He started as a Dean of Business and Economics (San Bernardino Valley College), was the Founding Dean of Instruction at Moorpark College, was President of Santa Monica College for 20 years; President of the College of Southern Nevada for six years, and was honored to be the Founding President of Nevada State College.

He taught full-time at San Jose State College, then part-time while as an administrator at three different community colleges, and now delights in teaching full-time at Nevada State College.

Moore is back at what he loves best – teaching, thinking, and writing. He has found great satisfaction in assisting students to learn using on-line instruction. Among other things, it has freed him of many biases he has by his not being able to see his students; he only knows them from their written communication. He believes this is a superior form of learning and helps to create extraordinary writing skills for his students.

He is married to Susan K. Moore. They have six grown children and a devoted dog, Ruby Lou, who “shadows” Richard on a daily basis.

Where Alumni Work

Here are some of the places where NSC grads in Business Administration work and study:


  • Clark County
  • City of Henderson
  • City of Las Vegas
  • Henderson Police Department
  • Nevada Development Authority
  • Southern Nevada Health District
  • Travel Industry Association of America
  • Valley City Police Department


  • Kansas State University
  • UNLV
  • Washington State University

Finance Lab

The Finance Lab at Nevada State College embodies our commitment to unique, real-world learning experiences. Inspired by leading Wall Street financial centers, the Lab merges cutting edge technology with on-demand market information.

Guided by NSC’s commitment to deliver unique learning experiences to students, the Finance Lab is the only such facility in Nevada and one of just a few labs in the entire southwestern United States.

As a student in the Business program, you will enjoy the unique opportunity to take courses in our world-class Finance Lab. Reminiscent of a Wall Street financial center, the Finance Lab gives you access to rolling stock market tickers, a sprawling live-data LCD display wall, and access to the on-demand market information used by the nation's top business analysts.

A sprawling, 30-foot bank of high-definition monitors treats students to live video, breaking news reports, and the market data that drive world economies. A full color, 38-foot rolling ticker tells the stock fortunes of major corporations, and an array of digital clocks keep students abreast of when important events occur in the world’s foremost markets.

Anchoring the facility are 40 web-enabled computer workstations. Here students tackle class projects and literally keep the latest technological tools at their fingertips. When class participation beckons, students can contribute using the iClicker wireless response system.

As a whole, the Finance Lab reflects the philosophy that guides the Business Programs at NSC – to prepare students for career success on the strength of an innovative and engaging learning experience.

Additional Degree Options

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