NSC Leadership

Nevada State College is led by a talented team of dedicated individuals committed to the well-being of each and every student.

Leadership Directory

Executive Leadership
Academic Leadership
Governing Organizations

Executive Leadership

  • Bart Patterson, President
    • J.D., Duke University
    • B.S., Utah State University
  • Erika Beck, Provost
    • Ph.D., University of California-San Diego
    • M.A., San Diego State University
    • B.A., University Of California-San Diego
  • Kevin Butler, Vice President of Finance & Administration
    • M.B.A., University Of Arizona
    • B.S., University Of Arizona 
  • J. Russell Raker, III, Associate Vice President of Development
    • Ph.D., Teachers College At Columbia University
    • M.S., Teachers College At Columbia University
    • B.A., Alderson Broaddus College
  • Edith Fernandez, Associate Vice President Community Engagement & Diversity Initiatives
    • M.Ed., Harvard University
    • B.A., University Of Nevada, Reno
    • Ph.D. University of Michigan
    • M. PA University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Spencer Stewart, Vice President of College Relations
    • Ed.D., University of Pennsylvania
    • M.Ed., University Of Nevada, Las Vegas
    • B.S., Brigham Young University

Academic Leadership

  • Andy Kuniyuki, Dean of the School of Liberal Arts & Sciences
    • Ph.D., University Of California-Berkeley
    • B.S., University Of Hawaii At Manoa
  • V. James Garofalo, Interim Dean of the School of Education
  • Neal Rosenburg, Dean of the School of Nursing
    • PhD, University of Missouri–St. Louis
    • MS, University of Missouri–St. Louis
    • BA, Saint Louis University
    • BS, University of Missouri–St. Louis
  • Nathaniel King, Director of Library Services
    • M.L.S., University Of North Carolina Chapel Hill
    • B.A., University of Wollongong